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Lot size restrictions

For traders using Taurex / Zenfinex, the max lot size is 20 lots per trade.

Prohibited Trading Practices

At My HFT Funds we accept almost all trading practices however we are looking for professional traders who understand how to manage large capital and manage risk. We are not looking for gamblers, or traders looking to manipulate the system. Below are the practices / strategies we do not allow. As a result of being an HFT friendly firm, we do understand we have stricter rules than most, but this is due to our elevated risk of not being able to assess a traders behavior prior to entering the funding stage.

  • Copy Trading
    1. You cannot use signals, copy trading, group trading or any other activity that would result in the same trades from other traders.
  • Reverse Trading / Group Hedging
    1. Hedging or executing reverse trades within a single account is permissible however doing it across different accounts and account owners is not accepted. You cannot open a sell trade on one account and a buy trade on the other of the same pair.
    2. Group hedging involves individuals opening opposing positions across one or multiple prop firms ensuring one position always wins. All accounts found to be partaking in this practice will be banned.
  • Account management services:
    1. Purchasing account management services or letting someone else trade for you will not be tolerated in any way.
    2. Sharing accounts and letting someone trade your account is strictly prohibited.
  • Grid Trading
    • identifying Grid Trading Is subjective to our fraud department but more often than not we use the following points
      • Determining the starting price for the grid.
      • Choosing an interval, such as 5 pips, 25 pips, or 50 pips.
      • Determining whether the grid will be with-the-trend or against the trend.
      • Adding on trades as it goes into draw down
    • Trade Stacking
      • Having 2 trades open at a time is not considered as stacking or layering , however, once there are 3 or more positions open for the same instrument, in the same direction. You will lose your funded account. An example being you open 3 XAU BUY trades without closing any of the prior ones.
    • IP Management
      • The IP address from which you log in to your master account should remain consistent. If we detect multiple IP addresses logging into your account, our system will consider this a fraud violation for potential account management. Please note that if two individuals are operating from the same location for any reason, it is mandatory for them to use a VPN. Please contact support if you have any questions.
    • Martingale Trading / EA’s
    • Latency Arbitrage
    • Guaranteed Limit Order Fills On News Events ( Buy and Sell Stop Orders On News Events)
    • Please note trades that are opened for less than 2 minutes, will not be counted towards your profit. This is to avoid any HFT like trading activities.

Please note any traders found partaking in the above strategies will be subject to losing there challenges / funded accounts.

Can Someone Else Trade My Account
Under no circumstances can someone login to your account from a different IP and manage your account or trade for you.
Can i edit my metatrader information?
You may under no circumstances change the name on your MT5 or MT4 account, or change the password. If you change any of these, it will be an automatic account failure.