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Tradeable Instruments

You will be able to trade all instruments that are offered from our partner technology provider

Leverage Offered
FX Pairs: 1:50
FX Exotics: 1:20
Indices & Gold 1:50
Oil: 1:20
Crypto: 1:1
What Is Kortana Prime?

My HFT Funds Prime is our vip program, where the best of the best are rewarded for their exceptional trading skills. It is the goal of all traders, offering the best trading conditions in the industry.
• 100% profit split
• 7 day withdrawals
• Raw Spreads
• Dedicated account manager
• VIP access to events and Kortana trips
To earn Kortana prime status you must simply make 4 withdrawals. Generally we do not accept EA traders to Kortana Prime but we will review this on a case by case basis.

Is A Stoploss Required?
We do not require you to use a stop loss for each trade, however for risk management purposes we strongly recommend you always use one.
Am I Trading Real Capital?
You are trading simulated funded accounts once you pass your evaluation.

• A Simulated Funded Account are virtual funds in which a trader may be entitled to profit share payable as a percentage of the simulated profit generated in their account based on the Profit Split associated with the simulated funded account,

• For the avoidance of any confusion, please keep in mind that a Simulated Funded Account is a fully simulated account with real market quotes from liquidity providers. The trading data is used by our proprietary trading firm where trades are copied at their own discretion and proprietary trading strategies are developed using the dat
Scaling Plan

We want to grow with you and as a result we allow scaling up to $3,000,000 Every 3 months we will increase your initial balance by 25% assuming certain conditions are met. You must achieve a total profit of 12% or more within these 90 days prior to requesting an account increase.


My HFT Funds offers one of the lowest commissions in the business, we pass on the direct cost from our broker Zenfinex. Traders will be charged $7 per lot on forex and metals. Indices are commission free. Please be sure to use forex and metals that end with .pi

Requesting A Payout
Once you are eligible for a payout, in your dashboard choose a challenge and then click withdraw funds and you can request a payout. Once you request a payout, our compliance department will review your account notify you of your approval, adjustment or rejection within 24-48 hours.
Please note: For your first withdrawal KYC is required please go to verifications section on the left hand navigation. Your withdraw will not appear if this is not done.
What Do I Do After Passing ?
After you pass your evaluation, you will receive your funded account within 24-72 hours. Upon your first withdrawal request, we will require KYC submission to be eligible for withdraws.
Due to the fact that you can use HFT to pass your challenge, Kortana at the moment is not offering any refunds of your evaluation fee on your first withdrawal.
How Are Payments Made
All payouts are handled internally, via USDT ERC20
How Long Will It Take To Receive My Funded Account After Passing?
Review of your trading challenges typically takes 72 hours, at which point we will send you the funded trader contract and then your funded account.
Withdraw After Violating A Rule
Unfortunately if you breach a rule on your account, you will forfeit all profit that as been accumulated on your account.
Market Rollover
This refers to the one hour period when the market closes. During this time, spreads can spike violently and create severe issues holding positions. Usually this happens at 5 PM EST. You will not be able to close positions at this time.

It is suggested you close your positions before market roll over, or make sure you have enough room with your stop losses to account for spread volatility. It is very probable that your stop loss and TP will not be respected.
What Broker Do We Use?

Our MT4 Evaluation are with Taurex (Formally Zenfinex)

For MT5 evaluation accounts we have partnered with

Both our MT4 and MT5 Funded accounts are with Taurex.

For synthetic indices we use


Affiliate Payouts

Affiliate payouts are sent on the 5th of every month for the months prior sales, monthly NET 5 in USDT

Can I Trade When I Request A Withdraw
Once you request a withdraw you must wait for the funds to be withdrawn from your account. Typically this can take between 6 and 72 business hours. Once you see your profits have been deducted from your trading account, you can resume trading.
How Can You Offer 100% Profits
We're delighted to offer a 100% profit split to traders who reach their 4th withdrawal because, by that point, you've proven to be a consistently successful trader.

Here's how we can afford to do this: We've developed a unique algorithm that takes the successful trades of our top-performing traders and creates a profitable trading strategy. This algorithm has been in development for over a year and is a key part of our internal operations. When you succeed, we apply this strategy to trade our own internal private capital effectively. In short, your success directly contributes to our proprietary trading strategies, allowing both of us to profit. So, we actually want you to win!
When does the daily loss reset ?
The daily loss allowance resets at 00:00 UTC
Is my funded account live or demo ?

All trading with My HFT Funds takes place on demo accounts. On the back end, we can analyze and decide to copy your trades over to our live capital if we decide.

Is There A Payout Limit?

Due to the unique nature of accepting HFT and allowing traders to get funded in record time, we must introduce a maximum payout limit. Our goal is to ensure we can run a sustainable business that will be able to stand the test of time, unlike most firms in the industry.

Due to this, the maximum profit and payout you can receive is 7% of your starting account balance. Statistically speaking, this will not affect the majority of traders, but Kortana is trying to prevent traders from entering into gambling-like behaviors, like using dangerously large lot sizes, opening a full margin position before news, and over all, using bad risk management.

Example Scenario:

On a 200K account, Any profit you make over $14,000 will no longer be counted towards your payout. So from this $14,000, we would pay your respective profit split, be it 50, 70, 80, 90, or 100%.

Your maximum profit will reset after each payout.


Withdrawal Fees
Since we send payouts over the ETH block chain, sometimes gas fees can get expensive. As a result we charge a 2% fees on trader withdrawals. It will be deducated from your payment automatically.
If 60 days or more pass without you logging in or performing a trading transaction, unfortunately your account will be permanently deactivated.