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Profit Targets

In order to become a funded trader with My HFT Funds, we expect you to be able to pass certain profit objectives in our evaluation challenges.

  1. Phase 1 Profit Target - You must earn 8% profit based on the starting account balance. For example, if you purchase a $100,000 account challenge, in order to advance to phase 2 you must earn $8,000 dollars in closed profit with no open trades

Once you pass your phase 1 and receive your funded account to trade our capital, there are no profit targets or time limits. You must only be aware of the drawdown rules to not lose the account.

Daily Loss Rule
Maximum Daily Drawdown:We tried to develop the most simple draw down rule possible.The maximum Daily Drawdown Limit is 5% of your starting balance and does not trail or change.Example 1:If you have a 100k Challenge, your Daily drawdown will be fixed to $5000.Day 1:Starting day simulated Balance/Equity: $100,000 Allowed Daily Drawdown as always is $5,000, breach level will be $95,000 in equityDay 2:Starting day simulated Balance/Equity: $110,000 Allowed Daily Drawdown: $5,000, breach level is now $105,000 in equity.The daily draw down limit is reset at 00:00 UTCFor clients using the dashboard prior to April 15 2024 the below daily loss draw down rule appliesIt is extremely important you understand how the daily loss rule works, to avoid an accidental challenge failure. We tried to keep this as simple as possible, because other firms tend to complicate the process for no reason.Your equity / floating loss / drawdown cannot be greater than 5% of your daily balance. Please note your account balance resets each day at 00:00 UTC each day. Please bear in mind that only losses are tallied, without factoring in intermediate gains; gains do not offset losses until the reset.Example 1You start your challenge on a $100,000 account, This means your equity cannot go lower than $95,000.Example 2You made a profit of $5,000 and your account balance is now $105,000, This means your equity or drawdown at no point in time can go lower than $99,750.Daily Loss = Account Balance X 5%
Max Loss Rule

We tried to create the most fair and rewarding max loss rule in the industry and once again, keep it extremely simple. You cannot lose more than 10% of your starting balance, however the more profit you have in your account the less chance you have of violating this.

For example, let's say you have a $100,000 dollar account, you will only violate this rule when the account balance reaches less than $90,000. If you make profits on your account and bring your balance to $150,000 for example, you can lose up to $60,000 and never violate the max loss rule. But please always keep in mind the daily loss rule, as violating that will result in losing your account or failing a challenge.